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Practical business management systems consultancy




WCA is a niche business management systems consultancy firm which primarily provides help to the marketing communications and professional services marketplace. We drive value by lacing together business development, segmentation strategies, client management process improvement and the use of technology to achieve significant improvement in the free cash available to the equity partners.

We achieve this by leveraging two main specialisms:

·    Expert value proposition and business development consultancy, based on decades of hands on experience which is backed up by formal qualifications with the Chartered Institute of Marketing:

·    Technology utilization and change consultancy, based on twelve years as owners, vendors and implementers of browser based CRM and ERP software systems. 

Typical clients for us

·    Want to improve the compelling arguments they use to find competitive advantage in their marketplace and drive a greater return on their business development investment – but they know they need help:

·    Are worried that their business development function may require an external perspective, and are concerned that the function should be more cost efficient than it is. They think better client insights and a refined client development process may help but they are not sure how to go about it;

·    Are concerned their offerings are not sufficiently bound intro compelling product and value orientated propositions.

Typical clients for us, whether already with or requiring CRM technology….

·    Know their technology should inform and underpin their business strategy but are angry that their investment is being wasted

·  Know that despite their technology investment, the business hasn’t adopted new processes as it should, which is costing them money

·    Know there are significant profit opportunities locked up in the sea of data in and around their business, but are frustrated that they can’t utilise it in a meaningful way

·    Instinctively believe CRM could help them reduce costs and increase revenues and margin, but aren’t sure how to proceed.

We combine this unusual mix of skills into what we call Business Management Systems consultancy.Our primary focus is on lacing together project management, Client Relationship Management and product development skills with the use of technology to achieve significant improvement in the free cash available to the equity partners.

We provide both marketing operational planning and software implementation skills in one place.Based in the Midlands and London, we provide unbiased help in managing the technology, process and people issues around developing your business.




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